New built 5.7LT1 estimated to make 550hp, New flat tops, New Clevite bearings, New Hastings performance rings, New timing set, New Comp Cams 390 roller cam, New ProComp 1 pc hardened pushrods, New Stainless roller rockers, heads ported and portmatched, Edelbrock intake portmatched, New BBK throttle body and underdrive pulleys, New MSD billet race distributor and Blaster coil, New Taylor 10.4 ra...
Our family has loved Gemini for four years now and the decision to rehome her has not come lightly.. she is a gorgeous friendly cat and would make a good companion to any cat lover. We are rehoming her because my husband is joining the military and we will be traveling as a family frequently. Gemini does not travel well and it seems unfair to keep her and not allow her to live her best life.
Beethoven . Trust me the name is fitting . He is a lovable boy with his humans he is not fond of other dogs. HE would do best with a large yard . HE DOES NOT DO WELL WITH THE FOLLOWING CHICKENS DUCKS CATS RABBITS GOATS ETC He needs a home where he is the only pet. Come meet Beethoven !
Layla is an affectionate kitty, who is GOOD with kids and loves to be petted! She appears to have a cataract in her left eye that doesn't seem to bother her or limit her abilities in the least. Layla would very much enjoy a home where she can sh...
Oreo is a healthy, neutered, FIV/FeLV negative cat, who is approx 2 yrs old. Oreo is super precious and would enjoy a home where he gets the attention he deserves. Oreo gets along good with other cats and is often around a young child, but h...
13-Nov-2018Wartrace, TN+22 milesFor Sale
GenuineGermanVolkswagen: NewOldStock NOS: Type 3 owner's manual 1973-all the items included in this manual one would expect from Volkswagen. Part Number 02.563.005.23 Applies to Type 3 Basic Compact, Fastback and Squareback. Includes Warranty Voucher and the superb section on scheduled maintenance performed every 3,000 miles through 100,000 miles. Very fine image of cut-away Fastback. This manu...
13-Nov-2018Wartrace, TN+22 milesFor Sale
Genuine Volkswagen. NewOldStock NOS: Part Number 881.551.320.23 Owner's Manual for 1988 Quantum English Language. Pristine mint-slight evidence of storage and handling. Everything the driver/owner would likely need to know about their vehicle. Consists of 120 numbered pages. Copyright Volkswagen AG 1987. Printed in Germany July 1987. Also includes plastic pouch for keeping owner's manual in tit...
13-Nov-2018Wartrace, TN+22 milesFor Sale
Genuine German/Volkswagen of America. Two (2) 1961 Sales Brochures. Number 1: "Introducing the 1961 Volkswagen"-large format in English, 10 numbered pages plus front and back. ExcellentExcellent condition, as the old clich goes "near nos". Close scrutiny discloses part of center pages is loose from front and back covers, barely noticeable, but sharp onlookers will see-has two initials barely vi...
Genuine German Volkswagen: NewOldStock NOS: Part Number 171 819 081 Intermediate plate for air vent system center instrument panel. For 79 up Rabbit and perhaps Scirocco as well as other years. Has one attaching ear. This has a impact crack on one side. If I was mounting this item, I would stop drill the end of the cracks with perhaps a 1/16, 5/64, or 3/32 drill bit-no further cracks would occu...
Genuine Volkswagen Dealership. NewOldStock NOS: Part Number 171 881 477 Trim with hole, Left seat Rabbit perhaps Scirocco. Applicable form August 1977 through March 1978 Partial Model Year 1978. Color Code 90V Saddle Brown. Item 5 Illustrated Parts refers. Ensure Application. $24MaledLower48. PayPal, USPSMO.
Genuine German Karl Schmidt: NewOldStock NOS: Two sets Rod Bearings different part numbers: Volkswagen 113 105 707 Rod Bearings 0.25mm/0.10Thousandths. Other set Part Number 113 105 725 Rod Bearings 1.00MM/0.40thousandths. Both sets applicable from engine number 3 400 000 (June 1959) for 30 (36HP), 34 (41.5HP,) 44 (53HP). Ensure application. These also work in Beetles and Type 3! Number 33 Illu...
Genuine German MANN/Volkswagen. Part Number 113 129 611 A -Air Cleaner Early. This part number doesn't show in my early/late manuals nor fiches. From an alternate source-states used from mid 1955 through 1960. Robust and tough, been through many miles I do think. Both side clamps in excellent condition, snaps down smartly, mounting clamp screw does a good job of screwing fore and aft. Has a fla...
Genuine German Osram. NewOldStock NOS. Part Number 7951. One set of two (2) Twelve (12) Volts Bilux AS 7951 (Asymmetrically) European headlight bulbs. 45/40 W P 451. Made in Germany! Not certain of Volkswagen part number these cross to-perhaps N 17 705 3Z. Those in the know will know! Ensure Application. Number 34 Illustrated Parts generically refers. $26MailedLower48. PayPal, USPSMO.
Genuine German Febi for Volkswagen: NewOldStock NOS: One (1) Part Number 113 407 361 E Ball Joint for Super Beetle Left/Right. Includes protective cap and locking nut. Made in Germany by Febi. Joint Moves easily enough when considerable force applied. Applicable through May 1973-Ensure Application. $39MailedLower48. PayPal, USPSMO.
Genuine German Volkswagen. NewOldStock NOS! One (1) Sliding roof locking handle "Spring". Part Number 115 875 223. Applicable from Chassis number 1 260 106 (sometime 1964) believe this runs through 1967 for bus handle part number 115 875 219. Number 10 Illustrated Parts List refers. Ensure Application. Package and Part Number not included. $12.50MailedLower48. PayPal, USPSMO.
Genuine German Volkswagen. NewOldStock NOS! One (1) Sliding roof locking handle "Spring". Part Number 115 875 223, applicable for Type 1 Beetle from Chassis Number 4 846 836 (Sometime 1961) through 117 999 000 (July 1967). Number 12 Illustrated Parts List refers. Ensure application. Package and Part Number not included. $12.50MailedLower48. PayPal, USPSMO.
13-Nov-2018Wartrace, TN+22 milesFor Sale
Genuine Volkswagen: Think to be for 1971: Campmobile Brochure, 12 pages counting both page sides and both covers titled "Our home on the range". Measures Approximately 11 inches long and 8.5 inches wide. Exhibits very little evidence of wear, some minor age yellowing occasionally, minor wear on spine. Stamped on upper right side with with the Dealer name "Thomson Volkswagen Inc. Columbia Road, ...
Genuine German Volkswagen: NewOldStock NOS: Believe to be three (3) Hex Nuts M30 X 1.5 for Driven Gear and Shaft Part Number 211 501 293 A (Reduction Gear Mechanism). Two required, one extra. Applicable from Chassis Number 1 144 182 August 1963 Model Year 1964). Large size nut with extension on one side. Ensure Application. Number 35 Illustrated Parts refers. $16MailedLower48. PayPal, USPMO.
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